Understand Self & Others - Foundation Level

PRISM provides you with valuable insights about your behavioural preferences and how you interact with the world around you.

PRISM Foundation is the 'entry level' version of PRISM and this learner led course helps you understand who you really are and what makes you tick.  You will gain a good understanding of your behaviour,  your preferred way of working and how you interact with others.

The Understand Self & Others - Foundation Level course introduces you to the concepts behind PRISM and how this benefits you.  

You must complete this course before moving onto 'Leading with Style'.

The Power of PRISM Leadership Styles

The Art of Inspiring Leadership

This course is designed to help managers and leaders better adapt to their work environments and to the people they lead.  The ability to adapt your leadership style is a vital skill every aspiring leader should master on their development journey.

This course will help you understand your preferred leadership style and how you can adapt your style to match the situation or task to the needs of the team.