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Leading with Style
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The Power of PRISM Leadership Styles

This course is designed to help managers and leaders better adapt to their work environments and to the people they lead.  The ability to adapt your leadership style is a vital skill every aspiring leader should master on their development journey.

This workshop will help you understand your preferred leadership style and how you can adapt your style to match the situation or task to the needs of the team.

PRISM is an integral part of the course and provides the means to understanding your leadership style. You will need your PRISM map to get the most from the course.

What is the PRISM Leadership Style Model?

The PRISM Leadership styles model is a framework that can be used by leaders to assess, adjust and adapt their leadership style to match their followers' ability.  The model considers a follower's readiness level, which is their capability and willingness to perform a specific task, which varies across different challenges, situations and tasks.  It also considers the amount of direction and support required from the leader.  Depending on your followers' readiness, your leadership style will vary from one person to another.  You may even lead the same person one way sometimes, and another way at other times.

Why are PRISM Leadership Styles Important?

Today's fast changing business environment requires leaders to take a nimble and agile approach to the task, team and individual.  

Whilst it may be easier to use a one-size fits all approach to leadership, its not as effective as adapting our leadership style to fit the situation.  A great leader identifies and responds quickly to changing circumstances to keep their followers focused on the task at hand and constantly moving forward.  

Leading with Style

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction to Leading with Style

    1. What is Leadership Style and Why it is Important

    1. PRISM Leadership Styles

    1. Leadership Styles Scores Handout

    2. Which Style Are You?

    1. Understanding Each Style

    1. Leadership Styles Chart

    2. Selecting the Right Style

About this course

  • £20.00
  • 10 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content